Friday, June 26, 2009

For The Amusement of My Readers...

I have been tagged by Sarah H! Thank you Sarah! :)

What is your favorite day of summer?
Probably July 4th, just because it's always so much fun!

What’s your favorite outdoor summer activity?
Gotta be swimming, or possibly ping-pong... our ping-pong table is outside under our car-port.

What’s your favorite indoor summer activity?
Blogging, what else? Haha! Well, I also love reading a good book, crocheting, making jewelry, and lots of other things.

Pool or beach?
Hmmm.... depends on the beach or the exact pool... usually a pool, although I have a great fondness for building sandcastles. :)

Have you ever camped during the summer?
Actually, I don't know if I ever have camped during what you could call the 'summer', we usually camp in the fall or early spring, because that's when my dad (a landscape designer) has a slower work schedule.

Popsicle or ice cream? What flavor?
This is a no-brainer. Ice cream all the way! Vanilla with homemade strawberry or peach jam lavishly spooned on top. :) Or I like the Breyer's Sara Lee strawberry cheesecake.

Do you help with your church's VBS?
We are attending a wonderful homechurch that does not do a VBS.

Do you get bored during the summer?
I am almost never bored. So no. :D Not to say I'm easily entertained - I just happen to be a busy person!

Is summer your favorite season?
Sorry, no. Fall and Spring are tied for my favorite season.

Hope you enjoyed the tag! I will tag... Oh, just whoever wants to do this one. :)

I know that's being a slacker but we're busy cleaning the house in prep. for my grad party today so this is just a quick tag! :)


  1. :) The 4th o July parties we had at the Strain's were the greatest weren't they? Lots of Sparklers....and mosquitos.....

  2. Fun tag! =) I did it on my blog as well.


  3. Hey Julia! I hope your grad party went well and you had lot's of fun and encouragement! =:D

    Ha Ha! Fall and Spring are mine too! =;) Ooooo! That ice cream sounds so good! I have been craving stuff with peaches ever since you said that you were going to get some peach ice cream at the orchard! =;) It sounded soooo good! =:D *smacks lips* I love ice cream with fresh berry sauces! So yummy!

    Blessings and Hugs!

  4. July 4th is my b-day. I think I did this one on my blog, I might have to check.



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