Monday, August 1, 2011

Seven (days) Of Skirts, Day 2

 I'm really enjoying the SOS project so far! It's been quite fun thinking up different outfits for each day. I particularly like today's outfit... the pink and black is very chic. :) I decided to photograph today's outfit in my room to go with the color scheme. :D

Day 2:

Skirt: Christopher & Banks
Pink Polo Shirt: Liz Claiborne
Shoes: It's O.K. - Walmart (purchased back when they had good shoes)
Hair: black velvet bow barrette - hand-me-down
Jewelry: Jewels by Julia :)

 Please excuse the lighting! :D My bedroom is oh-so-cozy but not so great for photoshoots. Especially with my old point-and-shoot camera. (still waiting for my Olympus E-PL1 to get back from the repair shop).

I just LOVE this black velvet bow hair barrette that I *cough* 'borrowed' from Mama (hey, she never wore it!) ;) And of course she's always welcome to borrow it back! :) I think it looks really cute clipped to the side like this:
 And I noticed in the full-length shot you can't see much of my hair except for how long it is, so I snapped a quick self-portrait in the mirror across the room... (don't bother clicking it for a closer view, it's really blurry.) You get the general idea, though. :D

And here's a closer look at the bracelet I'm wearing that I made... (blurry again, ack! I want my good camera back so badly.) Patience is certainly a virtue...

 I love pink and black together, they make a very cute color combination that reminds me of Paris, or perhaps those cute vintage Poodle Skirts! :D And when you throw pearls and black velvet bows into the mix... *sigh* Lovely. :)

As always, your comments are very much appreciated! How did you like today's outfit compared with yesterday's? Do you have a favorite hairbow that you love to wear?

'Til tomorrow, then!


  1. Oooh I lovelovelove this outfit. :) It's so cute and chic! The colors are absolutely adorable. :)

  2. Thank you, Madison! I love that skirt, especially, it's what *makes* the whole outfit. :)

  3. I love the skirt, Julia! I am a knee length skirt type of girl, so that is why it appeals to me =D Plus, I love the color combo!

  4. Thanks Ella! The skirt falls just below my knee, which is about as high as I'd wear one... I usually like skirts that fall mid-calf, especially if they have flares! :D

    But I think on anybody else this skirt would be longer... I have very long legs, which make finding skirts that are just the right length sort of tricky! ;)

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Totally beautiful and very chic!:) You look so nice.
    Oh, and I love the way you did your hair on the post below! My mom and I love that "look"!


  6. Hi Julia!

    I just came across your blog, and wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying it (so much that I became a follower :)! Your jewelry is beautiful too! :)


  7. Hi! I dropped by from Young Christian bloggers. :) This is my favorite outfit so far - love the shoes, too. :)

  8. That's a darling outfit! :)



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