Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Julia's Journal Jumble

It's been a day full of mostly quiet reflection... kind of nice after the busy weekend we had. :)

Yesterday we went to a friend's house and danced the night away on a very cold evening... we started at 7:00 and by the time we'd finished at 9:08, it was 39 degrees! We went prepared, however, because Mama looked up the weather forecast and knew ahead of time that it would be cold. All of us brought our winter coats along... although I ended up not wearing mine! I was warm enough with just jeans, long-johns, (gents, pretend you didn't read that, if there are any of you) a thermal long-sleeve shirt and a hooded sweater... and a pair of incredibly soft fuzzy mitten-gloves. The mittens were the best idea ever... all the people I danced with who clasped my hands exclaimed "Your hands are so warm!" :D

Like this? There's more!
Today we rested at home and I posted some blog backgrounds... (I'm seriously thinking about using one of them on my blog, they're just too pretty)... then I went on a 2-mile hike, 8 times up and down our driveway, marching quickly in time to the music on my iPod. It was great! I've gotten to where I can do it almost without breaking a sweat. And I'm up to 11 pounds lost on my healthier eating regime, which gives me a warm feeling of satisfaction. ;) (Especially after all that food on Thanksgiving!)

In short - Life is Good. :D How was your weekend?

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  1. Hi Julia!
    The danceing sounds wonderful! I wish we did things like that (not that we don't, theres just not room for a lot of people.;). Keep up the good work walking don't get discouraged it will all be worth it in time. Hope you have a wonderful week! ~Abby S.~


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