Friday, November 30, 2012 Product Review {My New Dress}

Recently I contacted about reviewing their products, which happen to be beautiful and affordable custom-fit clothing! They replied right away and told me to choose anything I wanted in the store. (Wow!) I looked for a long time through the pretty dresses and briefly thought about choosing one of the really cute jackets or coats... but I ended up settling on this dress - which was actually in the clearance section. I thought the color and style would be best for me, out of all the selection of dresses. Many of them were sleeveless, which is great unless you would rather have some sleeve on your dress, like I would. ;)

Yup. I love it. The dress was a bit more vibrant in person than it looked on the website, so instead of the light peachy orange I thought it was going to be... it was brighter and sunnier! :D But I still like it, and the color looks well with my complexion. :)
My sweet Dad and brother Mark took these shots of me one evening. :)

I'm not crazy about my pose in this picture but it's the best one I have of the back of the dress...

And here's a close-up for you.
I chose to go with the custom-fit option instead of choosing a regular size, and I was very happy with how the dress fit me!

I would HIGHLY reccomend to any of my blog followers. I was very impressed with the quality and service... the dress came earlier than they stated it would, thus I'll be able to wear it to my cousin's wedding in Florida! *Score!* (I was shocked that it came all the way from India in such a tiny little flat box... gracious!) :D

The next week looks like a busy one for us, but I'll try to throw some blog posts your way! :)


  1. You look beautiful in the dress Julia! And the dress is quite pretty too, but it looks great on you! Your hair is so long! I'm trying to let mine grow out, so far about 3 inches past my sholders.:) Have a lovely trip to Florida! -Abby S.

  2. This dress is so cute! I think it looks so pretty with your hair down. What a fun dress! :)

  3. Do they require you to use pictures in a product review. I realize they probably do but I thought I might as well ask!

  4. Thanks, girls! I was thrilled... I really like the dress and now I have something to wear to a wedding I'm going to! :)

    Anne-girl, no! They didn't require me to use pictures of myself. All they asked for was a link back to their website! You could ask them about reviewing a dress and then just use the picture of the dress you chose, without you in it. :)


  5. Love the dress! I will have to out their website; I'm always looking for dresses.


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