Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don't Keep Calm Contest Entries

When I saw that Miss Laurie over at Old-Fashioned Charm was having a "Don't Keep Calm" poster-making contest, I thought about entering but didn't want to go to all the trouble of opening my graphic design program and doing all that work... but then she mentioned the Keep-Calm-O-Matic, which I decided to go look into... and boy, was it easy to use! I bookmarked that right away. :D

Here are my three entries for the contest. I wasn't feeling particularly witty today, but I am satisfied with them, I think. Especially #3. ;) LOL.

From the '95 Pride and Prejudice, of course... Mrs. Bennett...

Also from Pride and Prejudice... Elizabeth Bennett

From the BBC Emma! :D
Hope you enjoyed those... :)


  1. Julia, that last one is very witty, or so I find at 1:30 in the morning <3

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hehe, oh these are great Julia! So much fun! WOW - a keep calm poster site?! *squeals* Just what I need...another place to play and waste time on. *sigh* Oh dear. ;) *giggles*

    Love you my sweet friend!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Their very funny! Of course only us Jane Austen girls would get it, the thrid one is my favorite. I love the (Oh dear, SO DO I)!:) -Abby S.

  4. Lol. These are great Julia! :D Although I'm going against popular vote... The first one is my favorite.. ;P..

    Hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And YES! We'll be at the dance, hopefully with our cousins and two other girls!


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