Friday, November 16, 2012

Laundry Room Makeover

Okay... so it really wasn't a 'makeover', more like an overhaul, but 'makeover' is more fun to say.
I worked two whole mornings on this tiny room off our kitchen that serves as both laundry room and pantry, and I moved over a bunch of items from where we'd had them in Steven's closet - his bedroom is off the dining room - and cleared out junk and re-organized.

I think perhaps my favorite part of the whole makeover was hanging up a vintage laundry sack that my mother bought in London on her trip there in college, when she went touring with her chorus group. The sack looks great on the wall and partially hides the ugly electricity breaker box. :D (How did I hang it? Thumbtacks.) ;)

LOL - our pantry is a mix between healthy food... noodles, rice, beans, spices and wheat... and stuff like Jell-O and Swiss Miss hot chocolate and marshmallows. The boys love their sweets. :D
 I know it doesn't look all that amazing from the photos... but a lot of effort went into straightening and stacking and shifting of stuff. I double-stacked our empty mason jars and jam on some beadboard daddy cut up for me, doubling our space. We've been wanting to do that ever since we moved into this house and hadn't gotten around to it! Now we even have an empty shelf above the doorway.

Knowing the laundry room is clean and orderly makes the whole kitchen feel better! :D

We use our kitchen and pantry a lot, so it's really nice to have it clean and neat.

Just recently we made some apple pies, and they were "Mmm-mmm good". :D

We canned a double batch of grape jelly on Wednesday, because we had finally run out of the last jar from the batch we canned back in June! :D

Our chickens are still furiously laying eggs - we had so many piling up that we tried selling them, but couldn't seem to find any steady customers. Then, my clever mama figured out that we could freeze them. Who'd 'a thunk? ;) Now we have over 80 eggs frozen, to later thaw and use for baking or scrambling when the hens slow down this winter.
We've also been freezing lots of produce from our garden... beans and peppers, mostly. It's a wonderful feeling to grow your own food.

I hope you enjoyed that little peek into our homestead!


  1. Hi Julia!
    Your house looks so cute! I never knew you could freeze eggs! I might use this idea as we have a lot of chickens too. The laundry room sack/sign is very pretty i love old fashion things.:D Blessings -Abby

  2. It feels simply wonderful to clean out and organize an area, doesn't it? I love that feeling of accomplishment. ;) Your pantry looks lovely, and those pies! Very scrumptious.


  3. Abby -
    Yup! Mama looked it up and found a very official-looking "Egg Commision" site that said you could freeze lightly stirred eggs. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works! :D

    I love vintage things too. ;)

    Shannon -
    It absolutely does! What a wonderful feeling! :) Thank you! Oh yes... they were very scrumptious. Apple pie is my favorite pie... well, except for lemon meringue, and key lime... okay, so I like pie. :D

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. we just got chickens! Where do you live? Maybe we could purchase some. Love your pictures, Come see my giveaway for feminine by Design by Scott brown!


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