Sunday, December 2, 2012

Monday, Get Out of My Way!


Attitude is everything.

When I wake up in the mornings and dilly-dally around, not bothering to pull out my Bible, cuddling under the cozy warmth of my unbelievably soft blankets until I fall back asleep again... then the whole day feels off-kilter. It's much harder to accomplish my goals.

This week, we're going to Florida for my cousin's wedding. I can hardly wait, but before our van hits the highway, there's a lot to be done. And I don't plan on letting my healthy lifestyle slide one centimeter, either. No skipping exercise or munching extra snacks. Nuh-uh.

I'm resolved to set my face like flint and whirl through the chores and cooking and packing that await me. With the help of God, the ultimate time-multiplier, and upbeat music in my ears. :)

So move over, Monday morning! I'm not scared of you. In fact, I'm gonna win. My to-do list will be conquered. Just you watch and see! :)


  1. You go Julia!!! What a great way to start the week! I know all too well how quickly Monday mornings roll around and after a nice, relaxed, schedule-free weekend it's hard to get up and face a new week. I so needed to read what you had to write...we've been having some crazy days recently and our month looks pretty full and I could almost get overwhelmed just thinking about it all! But I think I will adopt your attitude and plunge in wholeheartedly and enjoy the ride.:) I hope y'all have a great trip to Florida! Tell your family hello from all of us.:)

  2. Good for you Julia! Finish that to-do list! I know how hard it is to keep up healthy habits, and so near Christmas! I am also on a healthy eating plan, and I'm on a new exercise workout. Well that just means we will have to pray for each other!:) But i think you're beauiful just the way you are. You are in my prayers, keep up all the good work! Have a fun and safe trip to Florida! -Abby S.


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