Friday, October 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged Yet Again!

This time by Jasmine. Thank you Jasmine! I love tags. :)

State six things you have learned this year.
Tag at least six people.
Leave comments on their blogs letting them know they've been tagged.
All right, Six things that I have learned this year are:
  • 1. I have learned that Math can actually be useful (haha)
  • 2. I have acquired better kitchen skills since last year
  • 3. I have learned how to blog - I started this blog last June.
  • 4. I have learned how to play Ultimate Frisbee which is very fun!!
  • 5. I attended the Vision Forum Father/Daughter retreat last April and I discovered that there is a very large number of other young women out there who have the same convictions that I do, which was immensely encouraging!
  • 6. I have learned that God can sustain me through difficult times when something goes wrong.
And I hereby tag:
Mia, Madison, Lillie, Laney, Kaysie, and Waiting-Rose. And if you're reading this but you are not on my tag list, you are completely welcome to do it as well! :)


  1. Hi Julia~Sorry but you've been tagged again! If you don't want to participate that's o.k.

    We also posted a movie quiz at our blog.

  2. I like having a whole year to work opposed to a month!

  3. Hey more fun! Great things to learn this year. Thanks for all the comments... I love them just like you.

  4. Oh how my heart leapt to stumble upon your blog and see that you are a fan of Vision Forum... I feel so often like the odd one out in my beliefs and desires regarding family! Its nice to see that I am not alone!


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