Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hola, Amigas! :)

Fall is in the air!! It's so lovely outside, with the leaves just starting to change colors and a little cool breeze blowing around. I love Autumn! :)

(The Movie Quiz is still going! Leave your guesses!)




  1. I have been reading your blog for a few months now...but thru google reader rss feeds.
    I'm not going to do the movie quiz because I've only seen about 6 of those movies! (Our family doesn't watch a whole-lot of TV or movies.)
    Anyway keep going on this blog 'cause I like it! :o)
    a 16 yr old homeschooled daughter living in Oklahoma saved by the grace of God!

  2. Hello!
    I was searching for blogs writen by homeschoolers, and I found yours! I love your background, and the Pride and Prejudice music made my day!


  3. Aw, I do visit and comment Julia. :)
    Although I know what you mean. People must lurk on my blog a lot, because on average I probably get only 4 comments. Your blog gets a TON more comments than mine. :P
    Anyway, I get on your blog probably 4-5 times a day, if not more, so that's probably where you're getting a lot of your live feed. :)
    Anyway, yeah, I do understand what you're saying.
    By the way, love the title of this post! :P


    P.S. I went back in on my blog and added all of my comments up (this is including my replies to everyone's comments), and I get an average of 3.4057971 comments per post. :P

  4. Thanks for the comments! :)

    I know you visit and comment here, Madison...and I'm so happy you do! :) I'll try to direct my readers to your blog in the's such a great deserves more than almost 4 comments a post!! :)

    I think I've heard from you before, Julia from Oklahoma. :) Have you commented here before this? Nice to meet you, in any case! :) (My family doesn't watch a lot of TV either, and only the best movies! :)

    So glad to hear that you like the background and music, Miss Ballerina! :)


  5. Yes, I am the same Julia thats in Oklahoma! You have a good memory! I guess you would remember someone who shares your name! :o) I had forgotten I'd commented a while back...

  6. Harumph.
    An anonymous Joanna who hopes you're coming on Friday.

  7. Aw, thanks Julia! :)
    Yes, I would greatly appreciate it if people got on my blog more. Although I have to wonder just how many lurkers there are on my blog. :)


  8. Dearest Anonymous Joanna,

    Your username says 2saints so I always know who you are! :)

    My parents are going to discus Frisbee tonight when my dad comes home...we are trying to figure out if there will be enough gas to get there and back. I'll email you after we decide! :)


  9. Julia from Oklahoma,
    I thought that was you! I remembered that I'd heard from another Julia before...anyway, glad you're back! :)

    You're welcome, Madison!
    'Lurkers' sounds so scary, doesn't it? But it's an apt description, though! :) Of course it does take a moment to leave a comment, but really it's the polite thing to do. :)


  10. Another harumph. And another one, just for good measure. Harumph. There. Now I feel better. JK :o)
    Talk about enough gas! I hope you have enough. We're still out up here, I think. Haven't been by the gas station lately. If we get some I'll let you know and then you'll have to make the trip just to get gas. ;o)
    But I understand. You just might get a really long phone call from me Friday morning if you aren't here! :o) lol
    A Joanna who blew her cover...

  11. Good evening! I'm Emil Bandy (as you can see from my title :) and I'm from Central IL.....

    I got here from your comment on Jessica McDonald's Blog, and saw that you enjoyed comments, so I thought I'd leave one.......

    Excellent blog!!

  12. Great pictures, Julia!

    I'm tagging you at my blog this evening, if you'd like to participate! :)

  13. Thanks for the comment, Emil! It's always nice to hear from my readers, especially if they're new visitors. Nice to meet you! :)

    I'm heading over to your blog right now, Jasmine!! :)

    Love and Blessings,

  14. Greetings!!!

    So I found your blog on Jessica McDonald's as I metioned in another comment!

    I'm from central I.L.

    I love reading here! Your music is cool,too! So keep up the good work. :)

    God Bless!!

    Brooke Whitaker

  15. I love your blog, although I probably don't vist as often as I would like:-)

  16. *Jumps up and down and waves hands hysterically*
    Here I am, Julia!!! :D
    I LOVE your blog and don't you DARE change a thing! :)



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