Saturday, October 18, 2008

Muddy, Wet, Cold...FUN!

Delightful fun is not always ...dry.

Now I have you confused after that last statement. Let me explain.

Yesterday, My family and I drove up to the delightful city where Joanna and Sarah and Justus live as we usually do once a week or once every other week...depending on our exhaustion level. :) Yesterday, however, was very wet. VERY wet. VERY VERY WET. It had been raining all night and all day and was still drizzling at 7:00pm when we went out to the Frisbee Field.

"Aha! Frisbee!" You say, "Now I see where she's going with this!" Yes.

We played Ultimate Frisbee in the dark, in the rain, and in the 2 inches of water all over the grassy field. We're such diehards. Or diewets, as I cleverly remarked. :)

"And you were miserable, right?" WRONG! I had SO much fun! I've never played better frisbee, and actually had a distinct advantage over the other players who had taken off their glasses because of the rain. I can see in the dark fairly well, and since I didn't have my sneakers on as usual (they would only have gotten soaked and muddy) I could dig in my toes into the wet grass and run and dodge about fairly well! :) :)

I could have sat in the car, miserable and bored, because I didn't want to 'get wet'.

But I didn't. I got out there, braved the elements, and had a fantastic time!

I have a point to make out of all this. Sometimes you have to be a little bit uncomfortable. But if you ignore it and press on in spite of difficulty, you may find that it was entirely worth it.

Just my little thought for the day. :)



  1. Nice post, Julia!
    I agree, sometimes we have to be a bit uncomfortable, but 99% of the time, it's worth it! :)

    In Christ,

  2. *sheepish grin*
    It was fun, wasn't it?
    Love you!

  3. Very interesting thought Julia! And how true. :)
    Oh, by the way, I haven't forgotten you tagged me! I'll try to do it soon, but first I want to leave up my relationships with young men post for a while. I want to make sure everyone sees it. ;-)



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