Monday, October 6, 2008

Movie Quiz Answers!

Okay, I know you all have been wondering "Well, is she going to tell us the answers or not?" :) Truth is, we had quite a busy weekend and I didn't have time to post anything! So now I am getting back to my blog and the first thing to do is give you the answers for the movies! :)

1) Pride and Prejudice, A&E (&BBC?) version with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. People can talk all day until they are blue in the face about what Pride and Prejudice version is better than the other, but really I like both...they're just different interpretations of the same story. This version struck me as being much more true to the book and slightly more realistic. And Jennifer Ehle looks exactly like I pictured Elizabeth from reading the book. :)

2) My Fair Lady. A wonderful movie starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. I love the ball scene with all the glorious dresses, and "Eliza" looks absolutely stunning in her sparkly gown and upswept hair. Now, granted, there are parts of the movie that sometimes we fast-forward, usually the songs that Eliza's reprobate father sings...and there are a few instances where "Henry Higgins" (Rex Harrison) relieves his angry feelings by saying the D word, but really this is a lovely movie well worth the watching.

3) The King And I! Not to be confused with "Anna and the King" which I have heard was not good at all. The King And I was a very good Rogers and Hammerstein musical. I found it fascinating to watch scenes inside a Siamese kingdom. I haven't watched this one in a while so I can't quite remember anything objectionable I should mention... Hmm... Oh, there is one scene where the King prays to Buddha, but usually we just fast-forward it. The rest of the movie was great!

4) Wee Willie Winkie!! A Shirley Temple Movie. Only one of you got this right. Somone else guessed "Susanna of the Mounties" which starred the same actor who is with Shirley in the picture I chose, so that was a pretty good guess. After all, this is not one of Shirley's most famous movies, but I loved it. I'm a big Shirley Temple fan...she's just so adorable! :)

5) Robin Hood...the animated Disney version! :) This was too easy because the picture has a reward poster in it that says "Robin Hood" for all to see. :) But I've loved this movie ever since I was a wee little girl of 3 years old! It's still my favorite version of Robin Hood. :)

6) National Treasure. (The first one) Yes, most of you got this. I liked this first one more than the second one because: 1. The villain is way better. 2. Abigail and Ben in the second movie were living together, and broke up, and then go back to living together without bothering to get married. (!) 3. Riley is funnier in this movie. 4. The treasure is So Amazing in this movie!! A Must See!! :)

7) Little Women. This is the only version I've seen of Little Women, but it was really good! They stayed pretty true to the book, and it was lovely. This is the version starring Katherine Hepburn, if you're curious. I loved it!!

8) Facing the Giants : If you're a football fan, and you haven't seen this movie, all I can say is "What are you doing? Go see it now!" :) Wow. Really, this movie has such an impacting message and was such a great story. Considering that all the actors were volunteers, it was incredibly good! :)

9) The Sound of Music. Everyone got this. :) So that means you've already seen it and you love it just like I do! :) What a classic. This, in my opinion, was one of Julie Andrew's best movies. What a beautiful movie! :)

10) Swiss Family Robinson. I love the book, and the movie was good as well. This is the Disney version, and I haven't seen any others. They cut out a lot of the story and added a big part with Pirates in it, but it's still a good movie. :)

11)Night at the Museum. Okay, this was a funny movie! There were a few things I didn't agree with, but overall I think it's worth watching.

12)Sense and Sensibility. By now you may have assumed I'm a big Jane Austen fan. You are entirely correct! :) This was a great portrayal of the book. I loved it. Go see it. Need I say more? :)

13) Pride and Prejudice, 2005, starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden. Very good! Really, this movie was a good watch, although they portrayed some things differently than the book. It's kind of an 'easy read, large print' version compared to the other version with Ehle and Firth - that felt like watching the book, this one was a bit different. But, I love the Jane in this version and also Matthew was a very handsome Mr. Darcy. :) So watch both versions! :)

Alexandra and Ella tied for first place, with one incorrect answer each, and 12 correct answers. Many of you only missed two! Good job! :)
And so ends the movie quiz! That was a lot of fun.



  1. WOW! I only got one wrong! Let's see...

    I love Shirley Temple as well. I just watched two of them last night. Not sure what my favorite is, but Wee4 Willie Winkie isn't that much...

    I love both versions of Pride and Prejudice, but I like Colin Firth's version better. Probably because I saw it first and it followed the book more so.

    I agree. National Treasure 1 is better, but I didn't hate 2. I hope they do a #3!

  2. Hi Ella!

    Well, actually, Wee Willie Winkie was the only Shirley Temple movie I could find a picture of on Google! :) I love lots of her other ones.

    I didn't hate #2, but I did like #1 better. :) I hope they do a #3 too! And have Abigail and Ben get married! But how would they top the first two?? Hmm... :)

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I'm too late to guess. :( Oh well! :-)

    You should watch the newer version of "Little Women" starring Wioana Ryder!! Definitely worth watching! I was very much impressed with it. And Christian Bale is the perfect Laurie!! :-)

    God bless!

    ~Jessica McD

  4. Hi Jessica!

    Thanks for commenting! I'm sorry, I would have left it up for a while if I'd known you were coming! :) I'll look into the other Little Women version...thanks!


  5. Hello Julia!! :-D
    I've only seen a few of those movies... not many, so I couldn't guess very well. But the Disney Robin Hood, I still remember it! :)
    I'll try to watch Little Women sometime. I've been wanting to watch it, so I guess I better rent it sometime.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)


  6. Hey! Wow...I didn't get very many!! :D I agree with you about National Treasure. Riley was funnier in the first one! :o) Thanks for sharing!


  7. It was a lot of fun! You should do it again sometime!


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