Monday, March 4, 2013

Dashing Through the Snow

I can now say that I've played Ultimate Frisbee in the snow! :) 

Granted, it was just a light flurry, but it was there. We had a couple of fun games of Frisbee on Saturday evening. We started over half-way through the game time to switch up the players a little. Everybody was bundled up in coats and mittens (I brought two extra pairs of gloves which were put to use!) and we played hard despite the weather. I don't think it could have been warmer than 35 degrees. Whew!

After the game we drove over to a house belonging to some of the Frisbee players and had a crackling campfire around which we roasted hot dogs and made S'mores. (I stayed away from the marshmallows till the very end when I sampled an expertly-made S'more.) Everyone had a great time and we laughed and chatted 'round the fire while country music twanged in the background. We played a round of the Name Game, which is a really fun group game. The rules are as follows:

Everyone writes a name down on a slip of paper. The names are then read out loud, then everyone takes turns trying to guess who wrote down what name. Whoever guesses someone's name gets to add them to their 'team' and becomes the 'team captain'. The last surviving un-guessed team captain wins. :)

We've played this game over and over again and always enjoy it. :)

It was just so nice to spend some time with friends doing wholesome outdoorsy activities! I can't remember the last time I've sat around a campfire, although we often burn a fire in our wood stove in the living room.

What were you up to this weekend?

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