Friday, March 1, 2013

Cascading Pearl Earrings

Welcome to the first installment of "Pinterest for Real" or "In Which I Created Something Inspired by a Picture I Pinned" - meh. The first one was better. ;)

So here's what happened.

Scene: Julia is sitting at her laptop scrolling through her Pinterest feed.
Julia's Eyes: are caught and held by a lovely photo of some beautiful pearl earrings.
Julia's Finger: clicks to save the image for future reference.

Exhibit A:
They're very pretty. But they're also $48.00. Wowzers. 

And then a wondrous thing happened.

Julia: wanted to make something fresh and beautiful after getting out her beads again.
Julia's Brain: remembered the picture of the pearl earrings.
Julia: looked up the photo (see exhibit A) and proceeded to recreate the design using her own materials that she had on hand.

Behold the result! (or Exhibit B:)

I think they came out quite well. The pictures don't really do them justice because I didn't bother setting up a photoshoot station, I just quickly took a few shots - but you get the idea. :) I made mine just a little shorter and with less pearls than the original because I was concerned about the weight, and I'm glad I did... any heavier and I don't think they would have been wearable!

I love them. :D Now to make a few more pairs to sell!


  1. Oh, how pretty! You did a great job recreating them. :)

  2. Thanks, Abby and Sarah! :D I had fun making these.

  3. On me they'd look dreadful on you they are the loveliest things I've ever seen! :D And aren't you just creative and smart to make them yourself. :) I love to do that too and have many images without a pattern saved to create into something of my own (a lot of fashion mostly I believe).

    Great job!

  4. Awwww, thanks, Rachel! Yes, I've seen some of the pretty things you pin! :D Makes me wish I was a better seamstress! Pinterest is SO great for inspiration. :D

  5. That is a beautiful pair of earrings, Julia!

  6. I LOVE them. :) And I like that you did them in gold instead of silver. :)


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