Monday, March 11, 2013

What a Weekend! :D

Oh good grief, Monday, why did you have to sneak up on me so fast? With the added double-whammy of Daylight Savings (A.K.A. "Spring Forward") ??? That's not very nice. And look how much stuff I didn't get done last week that rolled over to this week... *shakes head disapprovingly*

Oh well. There's still plenty of hours left in this day to make it a wonderful and productive one! I've got a few ideas on how to jump-start and motivate myself...

1. Happy Music
2. A glass of cran-grape juice
3. Opening the windows (once it warms up a little, and before the rain we're supposed to get around 4:00)

Even though I'm tired ... almost worn-out... today, it was very worth it. We had. a. blast. playing Ultimate Frisbee on Saturday afternoon, and thoroughly enjoyed the bonfire afterwards. Sunday morning brought us to Trinity Fellowship Church again and it was amazing, as it always has been. I keep expecting a mediocre or sorta stale service to pop up now and then between these heart-lifting, soul-inspiring ones - but it has not happened yet! Even though church is an hour away right now, it's definitely worth the trip. I'm looking forward to moving up there so we can be more involved with the Bible study groups and get to know the people better.

Oh yes, and there's a fun little giveaway happening over at Young Homemakers, a blog written by some of my very good friends, Rachel and Jessica! Hop on over there for your chance to enter for a $15 Shabby Apple gift certificate!

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