Friday, March 29, 2013

Flower Jewelry! :)

Hi all!

Well! I'm going to the GHEA homeschool convention this year and making up some lovely fresh jewelry designs in preparation for it...

My etsy order arrived - beautiful plastic flowers!

These will be incorporated into headbands, necklaces, cuff bracelets, rings, and stud earrings. 

One of the cuff bracelets I'm designing...

Another cuff bracelet... 

And here are all the teensy stud earrings I glued together today! Whew!

I have not the words to describe their adorableness. 

These peach ones are my faves. And those silver studs will have sparkly peach crystals dangles on them, by the way. :)
What have you been up to recently?

Have a happy Easter Sunday!


  1. Bee-utiful! <3 :D *bliss* I love tiny flower earrings. Oh good, I was wondering about those silver stud ones. ;) Haha. Yes, they will look much better with some peach hanging from them.

    Wow, those cuff bracelets are amazing!
    you're going to have another splendid year at the conference! Oh, I wanted to ask...are your brothers doing their products again this year as well at the conference? :)

  2. The bracelets and earrings are lovely, Julia! I probably won't be at the GHEA conference, but my mom will be. I'll ask her to pick some up for me!

  3. Thank you, Lauralea! :D

    Thanks Rachel! I am really excited about going this year and I hope it is profitable. ;) Yes! Steven will be running the Warfare by Duct Tape booth - Mark is taking a break from it this year.

    That would be splendid, Katelyn! I'm sorry you are not going to be there, as I would love to see you and chat for a bit.

    *confession* I really love those cuff bracelets and am having a super hard time trying not to KEEP them.... *sigh*! :D


  4. Sooo pretty! I love the cuff bracelets! Hope you had a good Easter, its so good to know we serve a risen savior! -Abby

  5. Julia, which Etsy shop did you get your pretty plastic flowers from? I love them! :)

  6. Julia, I got them from SnapCrafty! :) I really love them! Although I have heard that you can find similar flowers much cheaper on ebay. I haven't looked there yet though!


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