Tuesday, March 5, 2013

eShakti.com Product Review - The Aurora Dress

I contacted eShakti.com last month about reviewing another of their items, perhaps from their spring line ... And I was delighted when they said yes and told me to choose any item I wanted from their spring line.

It was a difficult choice to pick out my favorite dress from all the beautiful ones eShakti has to offer! I finally settled on the Aurora Dress with the Dahlia crinoline.

I chose to customize mine with a higher scooped neckline than the original style, and short raglan sleeves.

The original Aurora Dress...

I am so impressed with the quality of eShakti's clothing! Their dresses are gorgeously designed and well-made. I would highly recommend their clothes to any of my friends, and with eShakti's custom-fit option, they would be assured of clothes that fit perfectly no matter what shape they are.

For this photo shoot, I chose to dress it up with my retro-glam pearls (an estate sale find, $5!) but the dress could be worn without the crinoline and with a cozy cardigan and flats for a casual occasion. :)

I threw my hair into the messiest fastest bun ever as I dashed outside to get a few pictures in the glimmering light...

I think this angle makes me look like a lady from an old painting or statue... So funny!

I was surprised to find a pretty yellow jonquil blooming right next to the spot I wanted to take the photos for this post! And it matched my dress! Just another little love-note from God to tell me I'm special to him. :D

So head on over to eShakti.com and find YOUR dream dress, and don't forget the special deal they are offering my readers until March 20th! Enter the coupon code JEWELSBYJL for a 20% discount!


  1. It's lovely, it's beautiful - so stylish and with the vintage charm I adore! :D

    Oh, signs of spring...do come quickly!!! ;)


  2. Wow, you look beautiful, Julie!! :) So glad that eShakti works for you. I was just sent a dress to review too, and this is I think my third time or maybe fourth that the dress I ordered (for reviews, etc,) didn't fit. Major bummer. My grandfather. who is a tailor, reconstructed this one, but I've had to send a few of the dresses back. I don't know what the problem is. Anyway, I'll be reviewing my dress soon, so I'll go into more detail then.


  3. Love the dress and you look very beauitful in it!:) -Abby

  4. Thank you Rachel! I thought it was pretty and was so happy to have the opportunity to review it. :D YESSS, I too am craving some Springtime. :P

    Aw, sorry to hear that, Michaela! I'm glad your grandfather was able to fix this one for you... I liked the dress I had custom-fitted before, and I should have done that with this one, but instead I chose a regular size 8... it ended up being a little short on my torso but not too bad. :)

    Awwwwww, thanks Abby! You're a dear! :D

  5. This dress is so lovely on you Julia!! What a happy dress! :D


  6. ooh I LOVE all of their dresses! I definitely want to buy something from them for my Easter outfit now.

  7. Thanks Allison! It IS a *happy* dress! :D Very cheerful-looking, I think.

    Lauren Nicole - you definitely should! :D That's an excellent idea!


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