Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Might Not Be What You Think It Is

Hello, My Dear Readers,
Please take a moment to look at this post about Christmas by my mom. She has some very good points about why we don't do Christmas.

Please understand that I am not trying to 'push off' my beliefs on anyone else, and also that I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart, and not celebrating what we call "Christmas" doesn't mean I am not a christian.

I do ask that your comments, here and on my mother's blog, are courteous and respectful, even if you don't have the same opinion as my family. :)


Today I feel... Pensive, and quite Busy!


  1. Thats interesting that your family doesn't celebrate Christmas. Neither does our family. I have never grown up with it or ever done it so I don't feel like I'm missing anything other that maybe some stress! We always just say "We celebrate Christ everyday!" when we get the usual "Merry Christmas" etc.

  2. We have some friends who do not celebrate Christmas either. I guess, the Lord leads in different ways....and that doesn't mean one is better than the other.

  3. I agree, we don't celebrate Christmas either.

  4. Hi Julia!

    We don't celebrate Christmas either! I linked your Mom's post to my blog I liked it so much.
    We spend Christmas with my parents families and we enjoy our time with them, but we don't do it within our family.

    It's nice to know there's another christian family out there that shares our convictions :-)


  5. Yeah, I remember that you didn't celebrate family started celebrating Hanakkuh (as well as Christmas, big thing here. I think I'm the only commenter so far that does celebrate it.) a few years back, my mom is really into Jewish culture stuff and it's been really fun to celebrate it as they did in the early church and as Jesus did. (there's a reference to the Feast of lights, which is what they called it, can't remember off the top of my head.)We make Latkes(hash browns) and play the Dreidel and read the story of the Maccabees. It lasts for 8 nights, and we generally also celebrate it with opening a gift each night - whether or not that's cultural I don't really know, but it's alot of fun. :)

    Not sure if anyone was looking for a more "spiritual" or what-christ-actually-celebrated-in-real-life alternative, but we've really enjoyed Hanakkuh and learned alot from it.

  6. Hi Julia-
    I really agree with Ella on this subject. People are lead by God in many different ways and this is one of the ways your family was led. But I do celebrate Christmas and beleive that it is perfectly fine.
    God bless!

  7. I just recently found your blog through Young Homemakers. Your blog is great. Although, you are seventeen and I am twelve I still get great encouragment from "Julias Journal"!:)

  8. Hey there! I came across your blog through Madison's Musing, and I just wanted to say that my family doesn't celebrate Christmas either.

  9. Hey, The Title of your last post
    caught my family doesn't celebrate Christmas either. =)
    Mind if I follow your blog?

  10. Lauren Ann,

    Hi Julia!
    :D I like your name. (haha) We celebrate Christ every day as well.

    That's true... and I'm not saying my way of doing things is's just what we do. :D But yes, I do think God leads in different ways. :) Thanks for the comment! :)

    I appreciate the comment(s). Next time, maybe you could sign a name at the end of your comment(s)? :D
    (This goes for both anonymous commentors)

    Really? Wow, that's neat! Thanks so much for linking to my mom's blog. She'll be thrilled when I tell her that. :D

    Thanks for commenting! It was fun having you guys over. :D

    Miss Jocelyn,

    I'm so glad my blog encourages you! :D That's one of the reasons I do it... to hopefully be an encouragement to other young ladies... no matter what age! :)

    That's neat! Isn't Madison's blog so nice? I love the way she writes. :D

    Of course you can follow my blog! :D I'd be delighted. Thanks!



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