Monday, December 1, 2008

The Great Shopping Race

Har-har. :)

Today we had to go get groceries. All the places to get groceries in my tiny little town are Wal-Mart and Ingles. (not the best selection, but we make do.)

My dad called just as we were fixing up our list and said he was coming home early - didn't feel very well - and could we be there and take care of him? *Dilemma!* Mama told him we had to get groceries but would be back as soon as possible so that when he got home in an hour we'd make him some herbal tea and wrap him in a blanket. :)

*Lightbulb over head* I had a bright idea!

"Mom," I said as we stood at the kitchen counter together, hastily finishing the grocery list, "Why don't we split up in Wal-Mart? We'll get two shopping carts, and I'll take Mark with me and you can take Steven."

She saw the merit in my plan.
We gave it a go!

We entered Wal-Mart. The plan was to grab our respective food, then meet in the produce section.
Mark and I raced to the back of the food section with our cart and Mama and Steven started about half-way between us and the Produce section, where we were going to all end up.

Mama had divvied up the list so that I had half of the items we needed from Wal-mart. Mark, the faithful beast of burden, pushed the cart while I quickly maneuvered through the aisles, grabbing food, tossing (Ahem - I mean placing) food in the cart and crossing it off my list.

It worked like a charm!!!

Mark and I barely beat Mama and Steven to the produce section, although in all fairness, I must add that Mama and Steven got waylaid for a few minutes by a friend they met in the condiments aisle. Mark and I saw the same friend but talked to him for less time. :)

But the result?

We got our groceries in a quarter of the time it usually takes us!

Plus we got home quickly to take care of Daddy. :)

We plan on using the "Shopping Race" again, as it worked so well. :)

What are some of your strategies for conquering the grocery store?



  1. Haha! That's funny Julia!! Sounds like fun to me. :)


  2. Ha! Great strategy! I can just see you all rushing around through the store! I wanted to tell you that Jessica and I have tagged you! Go check out our blog for details! Thanks!

    Rachel and Jessica

  3. Haha! That is a great idea! I'm sure it does go faster. Lke the post! =)

    Lauren Ann

  4. Thats a great way to do it!!Only it doesn't really work for my family because there are soo many of us:)But we have done that before;)
    BTW,I love your new background and great job on the picture!

  5. We used to split up the list (Mom, Garrett, and I) But now, we all just stick together and take our time =) Sounds odd, but true!

  6. That is SO funny! Well, usually my mom will tell me a few items on the list that are in the next aisle or so and I will get them and bring them back to her! :) Thanks for sharing! lol...I am still laughing....I should try that sometime! :D

  7. you have a beautiful blog. Blessings from one Christian gal to another.


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