Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Guess What This Is

I took this picture and thought it looked so cool! Guess what it is!


Currently I'm feeling... Mischievous!


  1. Here are my guesses:
    Aloe Vera gel?
    or Oil maybe?
    Julia in OK

  2. I have no idea!! Maybe (though I already know it isn't) someone poring a drink???

  3. Ummm... my guess is a soda with a straw in it. (?)
    Or possibly some kind of soap with the pump through the middle?
    Those are my guesses!


  4. Hmmmm.....A lava lamp?!:) This is a silly guess but it was all I could think of!:D

  5. Hi everyone,

    Ooooh, good guesses. :) None of you were right, (lol) but they were really good guesses!

    Madison was the closest... it is a sort of pump, but it's not soap.

    It's hair gel. (Sprayable hair gel, actually...very odd stuff)
    But it made a cool picture! :D



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