Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I LOVE scrapblog.com!

I mean really, this is just TOO fun!!! I use Scrapblog.com to make adorable backgrounds for my blog headers, and there are SO many differnent options!
Unfortunately, I don't have twenty different blogs to use these on... or I would be using all of them at once, for certain!

This pink and green one is one of my absolute favorites.

I like the organic simplicity in this design.
I love pink. :D
This one explodes with snowflakes.

For this delightful background I only used one sticker, a white blossom, and simply re-sized it and flipped it to decorate this background...Anyway, I hope you'll look at Scrapblog.com and try it for yourself!



At this moment I feel : Accompolished, Artistic, and Productive, all at once! :)


  1. Prettiness Julia!! I wish I could figure out how to do it and then how to use it. How do you get it to be your header? Just curious...


  2. Thanks...

    Good question! I had trouble with that at first but figured it out. Once you make a background you save it, publish it, and then you can click "File", then "Export as JPG" Then click Download on the picture you want to save, then click 'open', then copy the image to your pictures. :D It sounds complicated but it's not. Oh, once it's in your pictures, then just upload it as usual.

    Hope that helped!

    (I'd be happy to answer any further questions to the best of my abilities. :)


  3. you are awarded, check out 'as one of seven' for more details.

  4. Hi Julia!
    Those are some really neat backrounds, Julia! I'll have to look into that site sometime!

    Katherine Cole from Pure in Heart

  5. Hey, Julia!!
    These are soooo pretty! I really like the last one. But I really like them all. ;o) Too bad that they won't work on my blog. :oP
    Soooo.....how in the world are you?? Sorry I haven't done the other post on my blog yet. Time's flying.......... Speaking of which, happy New Year's Eve! Have a great beginning of 2009!
    ~Joanna T. :o)

  6. Thank you for the awards, Lauren Ann and Jo-Snazz!

    Thank you so much for commenting! :) I really like that site... it's worth checking into! :)

    Hey girl! :) Thankyou. I have got to email you... haven't talked to you in what seems like forever!! :) I'm good. How are you? :) I hope you have a wonderful New Years' Eve as well!! :)

  7. Thanks Julia! I'll try it out sometime. :)
    Oh, and I tagged you!


  8. I love those! I have been on Scrapblog before and it has the cutest backgrounds! Thanks for sharing!


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