Monday, March 23, 2009

Against The Flow - and What's On Julia's Desktop!

I have been awarded by Marissa and Madison! Thank you SO much, girls! :)
"This award goes to all of the people who are living a life for God and
going against the flow of what the world might tell them to do."

This award really meant a lot to me, because I so desire to be living for the Lord and going about my life the way he wants me to, not the way the world dictates us to.
Some bloggers I consider as fellow "Against The Flow" people are (in no certain order)

And most especially my dear mother, Gloria, who has raised me to care about what God thinks more than what the world around me thinks. Not an easy task, for sure!
These bloggers are thus awarded. :)
Unfortunately, while writing this post, I ran out of time! So if you are seeing this and your name is up there and you haven't gotten a comment from me, rest assured, I will comment as soon as possible letting you know! :D

And, for the next part of the post... Behold, the picture currently on our computer desktop!
I love this! I made it today on and thought it was just TOO CUTE! :D I love pink, I love flowers, I love flourishes, and I love to laugh. :) So this is perfect. :D It will definitely be on there for a while. :D (usually I change the computer desktop picture nearly every week!)

♥Love & Hugs!

Currently I feel: Grateful and Content.


  1. Hi Julia!

    I enjoy your blog!

    In Jesus,

  2. congrats on the award! the destop picture is beautiful

  3. Congratulations on the award! By the way, your desktop wallpaper is gorgeous! Have a blessed day...
    In Christ,
    Sarah Grace

  4. Hi Julia,
    I love reading your blog! Congrats on the against the flow award! That's a very special award! Come visit my blog once in a while (I'm not on often. :)

    Sister in Christ,

  5. Thank you for the award Julia! =:)

    I also change my desktop a lot! I don't know if I change it every week or not but it is definitely often! =;) You are so talented! That desktop wallpaper is fantastic!


    p.s. - I hope you are doing well with all your health stuff still! =:) keep up the good work!

  6. That award means a lot to me. It is so hard to go against the flow, but I can tell you do it too!

  7. Congratulations on receiving the award. It is not an easy thing to be a Christian, and it so good to have like-minded friends "stepping heavenward" hand in hand. You are such a cheery soul, and well deserve it.

    Thank you for kindly awarding it to me. You're a real sweet heart.:)


  8. Hi Julia!

    What a pretty background. Great job! :)

    Congratulations on the award! That's wonderful!

    I hope your having a wonderful day. :)

    Your SSA

  9. Hi Julia! I made an account with scrapblog, I made my first page. I was going to put it as my desktop, but thow do I do that? I saved it, but where does it go so that I can put it on my desktop?
    ~Miss Hannah~

  10. Hi Everyone! :)

    Thank you for the comments, I'm so glad you left them! :)

    (I answered Hannah's question on her blog)



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