Monday, March 9, 2009

The Post With All The Awards...

I have five awards that have stacked up on me! Oh my! :) I am honored, but this means a lot of work! :) Here goes...

Thanks Madison! Behold the Gold Star Blog Award...

I am awarding the Gold Star Blog award to Laney @ Got Freckles, Amber @ HorseyGirl, Zoe @ Horses R My Life, and Lauren Ann @ Beside Quiet Waters.

Thank You Madison! This one is beautiful! The "One Lovely Blog" award...

I am awarding the One Lovely Blog Award to Jenna @ My Strength and Song, Rachel & Jessica@ Young Homemakers, Mckenzie @ Pecan Pastures, Bethany @ Polished Cornerstone, Katherine @ Pure In Heart, Emily Rose @ Simply Vintagegirl, and Breezy @ A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles.

Thank you Rachel! "The Lovey Award"

I am awarding the Lovey Award to Joelle @ A Stroll Through Delirium, Mckenzie @ Pecan Pastures, Lydia @ A Ray of Optimism, and The Meiners @ The Meiners' Blog.

Thank you Rachel! I am deeply honored! "The Godly Blog Award"

I am awarding the Godly Blog Award to Jasmine @ Joyfully Home, Ella @ All Because of Grace, Kaysie @ Alabaster Box, Mia @ Aspiring Homemaker, Madison @ Madison's Musings, Amanda @ The Daily Planet, and Jocelyn @ A Pondering Heart.

Thank you Rachel! The "Excellence in Blogcasting" award...

I am awarding the Excellence in Blogcasting award to Breezy @ A bowl of Moss and Pebbles, Amanda @ The Daily Planet, Jocelyn @ A Pondering Heart, and Madison @ Madison's Musings.

I am very sorry about my lack of links, but if you look on my sidebar you will find the blogs and names named. (I couldn't do all the links! It would have taken forever!)
I also want to do something that Madison did on her blog, which I thought was so sweet. To my blogging friends, (You're my friend if I've left you a comment) if I neglected to award you with one of these awards and you think it's just so neat, consider yourself awarded by me. :)

~Miss Julia

I am feeling Very Rushed!!


  1. thank you so much! I do post th awards, but I still appriatiate them a lot!

  2. So many awards! How fun! I actually made 'The Godly blog Award'! I gave it to Rachel and Jessica and I guess they passed it down to you.
    Miss Hannah

    p.s. congratulations on all your awards.:D

  3. Thanks so much Julia!! =D I really appreciate that award. =) It means a lot!
    Thanks so much!


  4. Thank you Julia for the "lovely blog" award!! That was very thoughtful of you to think of me:)

    Your friend,

  5. Congratulations! Wow, That IS a lot of awards! I wouldn't want to link to all those either! =;) Thanks for awarding us! =:) You are so sweet!


    p.s. - I didn't realize I had given you so many awards! Lol! =:)

  6. Thanks Julia!
    Here is my new blog address (I changed the name and blog address)

    Thanks again,

  7. Well, am I considered a friend? YOu didn't leave me a comment! =)

    But thank you so very much!!

  8. Thank you very much Julia Dear! You are so sweet and thoughtful. I am honoured by your awards! :)

  9. Awww! Thank you Julia! That is kind of you to award me. What an encouragement you are to me as well.

    God bless!

  10. The "Lovely Blog Award" looks gorgeous.


  11. Thank you SO much! That was really sweet of you to award me! :) Thanks for being such a good, encouraging 'blog' friend! :)



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