Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Open Book

My brother Steven has started a blog called "The Open Book". I love his blog title! He came up with that himself. :) I helped him design a header and he chose a background and it looks great! :D Please please please consider stopping by and leaving him a comment! :) I know he would be so thrilled. :)

Blogging is like a plague... it spreads from person to person. I got hooked, then roped my mom into blogging... and now Steven is continuing the trend! :D Wonder if I could convince my dad and my other brother mark to start blogs??? Hmmm.... *Wanders away, thinking deeply*

Currently I'm: Chipper!


  1. I visited and commented! My brother was on blogger, and when I was 9, he made me one(he is 20 now) then he stopped, but I convinced Veronica, and then Teresa also stared one.

  2. Hi Julia! I will have to go and check his blog out. that's a neat name for a blog!

    I tagged you1 go to my blog ofr details!
    ~Miss Hannah~

  3. hi Julia! I looked at your brothers new blog, it's really neat! you did a great job on it.

    I can't remember if I told you already. But, I tagged you!
    Miss Hannah

  4. Hi Julia! Thanks for your comment!:D I love to get comments.

    Yes, that helped me bunches! I already have one of the pages I made on my desktop!:D Scrapblog, is loads of fun!!! You should have never introduced it to me.LOL. Just kidding. Ever since I signed up, I can't get off of it!

    Thanks again for helping me out!! Your desktop is cute.
    ~Miss Hannah~

  5. Hey Julia!

    I just put your button on my blog. That's all! lol

    In Jesus,


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