Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If You Have A Bad Day...

All of us have bad days.

*Note, before you think that I am having a bad day and chose to sit down at the computer and gripe about it via blog-world, rest assured, I am having a perfectly fine day. I just have a point to make. So read further. :)*

There are a whole lot of things that can make you have a bad day. In case you didn't know this... there is actually an enemy out there who is trying his best to make you have a horrible day every single day of your life. He has several names, some of which are Satan, the devil, and the Accuser. He loves it when you have a bad day! He hates you as much as God loves you.

I won't go into detail about specific causes for bad days... I am sure you can think of your own examples.

The big question is... can I avoid having a bad day?

Well, yes. To some extent, anyway. :)

When you wake up in the morning, an excellent idea is to pray over your day. Out loud. Before anything unpleasant happens. (This is an especially good idea if you know you may have a lot of things to get done that day, or you know your schedule could be rather hectic.)

If you're in the middle of a bad day, it can be reversed. Really! Something I do when I'm having a bad day - or, really, just when I'm upset about something - is to go off by myself somewhere and pray.
Sometimes I lie down in my peaceful bedroom, sometimes I go for a walk outside and listen to the birds sing. It is such a comfort to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit wash over me and calm me.
I have had times where I'm sobbing, completely upset, and I manage to get out the words "Please, Lord, calm me! Give me peace!" And instantly, the inner turmoil vanishes. No, the problem or reason I was upset doesn't go away, but still I have peace in my heart. It's indescribable how wonderful this is.

John 14:27 ~ Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

On 'bad days', searching the Bible for verses that contain the word 'peace' is also something that will calm your heart. Psalms is where I read when I need reassurance of the Lord's care for me. reading the words of King David when he was struggling with something in his life and then when his troubles are dealt with is quite uplifting.

I pray that you are all having a wonderful week!

Right now I feel... Peaceful. :)


  1. Julia,

    Thank you so much for posting this. =) This was the perfect thing that I needed to hear. I've been having some bad days lately, and yesterday I finally remembered I need to turn to God, when that happens. =P So thanks for this post. It was a great reminder for me.

    God bless,

  2. Hey Riah,

    Oh, I am so glad my post encouraged you! :) Thank you for commenting... it blesses me so much when someone is blessed by a post I've written. :D Love you girl! I'll be praying for you!


  3. Wonderful post Julia! =) I highly agree that those kinds of things help. One thing that helps me especially is being in the outdoors... I dunno why, but somehow, God's creation is so comforting. =)
    Thanks for posting!


  4. This is a *wonderful* post. Sometimes it is so hard to step back and realize that God *is* in control and that He *wants* to help us. From the *smallest* to the almost *unscalable* of problems, He's *always* there.

    Thanks for the encouragment! :)

    I hope that you are having a *very* blessed week! I've been praying for you! :)

    Your SSA

  5. Hi Julia! that was such a good post.:D your right, we can make bad day's good!:D:D:D I was wondering, do you mind if I take that picture, I really like it?=)

    Also, since your a genius at all the scrapblog stuff, I hade a question?

    Everytime I log into my account, it only say'd htat i have one thing created, when really, I have two. Then, when I click 'make a new scrapblog', It didn't save ANY of my stickers, backgrounds, or photos that I had uploaded and chosen. Also, at the bottom of the page, when I say page, I mean at the bottom of the page where you create something new at. It doesn't show the things I have made, none of them! WHY Juila! Can you help me? If you can, please tell me what I'm doing wrong!
    Miss Hannah

    p.s. I love your new profile pic!=)

  6. Hi Julia,
    what a great thing to do when you're distressed! I try that the next time that happens to me.


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