Friday, March 20, 2009

"Water Lily" Granny Square...

As you might be able to guess from my last post and this one, I have recently been crocheting - A lot. :) I tried a new pattern yesterday called the "Water Lily", and it has a (GASP!!) Three-Dimensional flower in the middle!
I was SO excited when I finished this beautiful square... it was my first try learning anything from a 'pattern'. All my previous knowledge of crochet has come from first-person teaching. So I was so happy to discover that I could actually make something from a pattern, by myself! :)

Here's a better view of the flower in the center...
Since the pattern was called "Water Lily", I made the 'background' of the square out of a light vareigated blue, which gave it a nice ripply 'water' effect. :D
I am still waiting for my crochet pattern book to arrive in the mail ... I am really hoping that they're actually going to send it to me, not just take the money and leave it at that! :P
Anyway, I'm having such a delightful time crocheting these new granny square patterns. :)

Love & Hugs!

I'm feeling... very Creative! :D


  1. Wow, Julia! It is so pretty!

    Now I need to get back into crocheting again! haha! All I do is knit!


    ~ Kira

  2. You've been awarded , go to my blog to see.


  3. Your granny square looks great! Good job!

    Have a great day!
    Your SSA

  4. Hi Julia! What a beautiful square! It is gorgeous! Congratulations on being able to follow a pattern! Yeah! *claps hands enthusiastically* =;) That is great! I love the colors you chose for your square - perfect! I am with Kira, I have been doing much more knitting than crocheting! I need to get back to doing more if it! =:) Keep up the good work and I hope you get your book soon! Enjoy it! =:)


  5. That looks so nice! I still don't know how to crochet! Cassidy just doesn't have time to show me. Hope I learn soon!


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