Monday, July 13, 2009

Pictures From New York

Hello Everyone! :)
I decided you might like to see what pictures I've taken so far on our trip, so I figured out how to use my Aunt's computer (lol!) :) and I've selected a few for your enjoyment. :)

We got up early on Saturday and got a great start - we were out the door at 7:00. (yeah, that means I had to wake up at 6:00 to get ready...)

Then we drove, and drove, and drove, and .... you get the picture. :D We went up through South Carolina, and then North Carolina, and then Virginia...

This was shot out of the window of the car, it's just a fleeting glimpse of some of the beautiful Virginian countryside.
This is a flower blooming cheerfully at a rest stop we stopped at... and I just had to capture a picture of it! :)

These are some crochet blocks I made on the way up here... I made one other one w' popcorn stiches but it's not in this picture... the pink/yellow/brown one is a 'Catherine Wheel', the aqua/tan/brown one is a 'Spinner', and the half-finished green/brown/tan one is a 'Gothic Square'.
We stopped at a BP in West Virginia to gas up and I spotted a cute little produce stand and just had to snap a pic. :) I loved the watermelon wagon!

We stopped at 8:15 pm, having gotten all the way to Hagerstown, MARYLAND! Whew! Not bad for one day's drive!

As I said before, we found a lovely Holiday Inn Express and were able to get a suite for only $13 more than a regular room would have cost us. Yay! It was beautiful, and sparkling clean. The ideal hotel room!
No air matress for me... This is the most comfortable pull-out I've ever slept on! It didn't even squeak! And the blanket was soooo soft. Ahhhhh.
Mark here is reclining on the bed he and Steven shared... I think he looks pretty comfortable. :)
I have this button on my purse (it belonged to my great-grandmother) ... and it was so perfect with the moment that I took a picture of it. "It's Good To Be Here!"
The next day we got up early, ate a delicious continental breakfast in the hotel, and headed out! Within a few minutes we had reached Pennsylvania, and we drove through lots of pretty scenery and a mountain ridge. There were so many gigantic cornfields!

And then, finally.... We reached New York!
We stopped at a very pretty Rest Stop/Welcome Center right inside the New York State border. We stopped to get gas a little farther in and went inside to get some ice cream... and we met a real "New Yoaker"! He welcomed "Youse Guys" to New York and was amazed to hear we were all the way from "Gee-or-gee-ah, the Peach State!" (That's how he pronounced it)
We stopped at a babbling brook just outside of Cooperstown... You know, where James Fenimore Cooper wrote "The Last of The Mohicans", and "Deerslayer". (I saw Lake Glimmerglass!!) right before we got to my Great-Aunt's house and took a few pictures...

Me and my two big, strong brothers...
The lovely brook....
A peach-tinted Daylily... (There were tons of these alongside the roads...)

Then we got to my Aunt's house (Yaaay!) And discovered....
We had a stowaway!
Survivorman had tagged along! :D He did that when we went camping in North Carolina too.

After a delicious dinner of beef and potatoes, Mark and Steven enjoyed relaxing on the floating dock ... some friendly ducks came over to see who the newcomers were.
We all got a great night's sleep after our long two days of driving! :) Daddy woke up to the sound of a loon calling, out on the lake.
Daddy took Steven out for a canoe ride this morning after breakfast... I was amazed at how well my camera behaved, letting me get such great long-distance pictures from my Aunt's porch!
The view....

Well, that's all for now! We plan on going hiking this afternoon and I will be sure to take along my camera. :)


  1. how fun! Hope you have a great rest of the time in NY!
    Miss you all! hope to see you again soon!

  2. Those are great pictures, Julia! Thanks for posting them. It looks like y'all are having a great time on your trip. :)

    ~ Love,


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