Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Graduation Party

Well, here it is, the long-awaited Graduation Party post! :) First of all I have to say how much I appreciate the hard work of my mom, helping plan, get ready for, host, and then clean up from the party! :) I have such a wonderful mother. :)

And then I would have to say how much I appreciated all the dear friends who came to my party! It wouldn't have been any fun without you all! :)

Here is my bedroom before the party.... I re-arranged the furniture last month, so there was space to put a table in the center of the room where guests could eat.

In this shot you can see the pink balloons hanging on the wall... I was kind of going with a pink-and-purple theme.

I had to stand on my bed to get this angle... :D

One of the decorated tables. (pink ribbon, butterfly sequins and silver confetti)

Balloons and Streamer... ready for the party...

One of my cakes - I baked these myself the day before the party... I was literally in the kitchen all day long! - This is the strawberry one, with strawberry icing, strawberry fruit-by-the-foot, and strawberry skittles. :D Can you tell that .... *Somebody* likes strawberry? :)

This is one of the other cakes - it's a 2-layer vanilla with homemade icing and decorated with peppermint patties, green M&M's, and 'peachie-O's' gummy rings cut into quarters on the top and halves on the sides of the cake. :)
My mom came up with the idea for the petals. I would have never thought of trimming them the way we did.
And then the guests arrived! :)

Our kitchen, decorated, and filled with food and friends!

Our living room, full of guests! :) some of the people seated at the table are writing on our 'heart of wisdom' quilt squares. More on that in another post. :)

Here I am seated amongst some of my girl friends... we are looking at my old school portfolios, which contain some funny/sweet/memorable pictures of myself and my two little brothers when we were younger. (Much younger!)
The younger young ladies having a blast with my "Pollys" and stuffed animals... :) I keep some on hand for young guests to enjoy.

My beautiful, highly skilled, talented hair stylist, Allison, doing my hair ... Wow, is she good or what? :)

My Graduation 'Congratulations' cards... :) (some of them...) They are all so sweet and beautiful!

In looking at my homeschooling education experience, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the hard work of my parents, especially my mom, in raising me. I am so thankful for their choice to teach me at home! Love you Mom & Dad! :)

The party was wonderful and I enjoyed it very much! So, there you have it. Hope you liked this post! :)


  1. It looks like you had a great time! =) I like the flower cake! But both of them are *really* cute. =) Looks like you put a lot of time into them!
    I love the pictures! Congrats! =D


  2. Aw, it looks like your party was wonderful! I LOVE the strawberry cake! You're so creative :)

  3. It looks like your party was a hit Julia! =:D Wish we lived closer so we could have come and wished you happy graduation...but since we can't...HAPPY GRADUATION! =;D Lol!

    All the decorations look fantastic! (I did pink and purple for my colors too! Lol! We have such similar tastes!). I love the ribbon with the butterfly cute and pretty! =:) Ha ha, I love the "bed" shot you took of your room! Your cakes look great! (it's amazing how much time it takes to do cake decorating huh?) =;) I love the all pink strawberry looks delicious! How creative to use the peachy O's for the petals! Mom's are great! =:) Your hair is just gorgeous! I love that style she did on you! =:D Wow!

    It looks like you had a great turnout for your party...I am so glad for you! I assume that the quilt squares will be turned into a quilt for you!? I did a similar sort of thing...but they all signed a book for me. I love looking through all my cards and my grad book with pics from my graduation and party and remembering it all and all the peoples who were there to share it with me! I hope you will too!

    I hope this journey into womanhood would be a delightful journey for you Julia! May God bless you in this coming year and on! =:D

    Love and Hugs!

  4. Everything looks so pretty and feminine, and I especially like the table decorations and cakes ;) and your hair looks lovely!

    Congratulations again!

  5. It looks like you and all of your guests had a great time, Julia! Your cakes are amazing! You're so creative. :) Congratulations again!

    ~ Love in Christ,

  6. Allison did a good job with your hair! It looked great! I love your choice of those little butterflies on the tables! Great colors too. :)

  7. How fun! Congratulations! The cakes were really cute! I like your room...lots of books!


  8. Congratulations, Julia!
    The decorations are lovely and the cakes are simply delightful! You must have spent a lot of time on everything!



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