Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am thankful for... Music


"Seated one day at the organ,
I was weary and ill at ease,
And my fingers wandered idly
Over the noisy keys

I do not know what I was playing,
Or what I was dreaming then,
But I struck one chord of music
Like the sound of a great Amen."

- Adelaide A. Procter


Music... among the gifts that God hath sent, one of the most magnificent! - Longfellow


The man that hath no music in himself,
Nor is moved with concord of sweet sounds,
Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

I had a lovely day today meeting with some friends for praise and worship and a message this morning. We had a yummy lunch and some sweet fellowship.

Mama played the piano and I acted in the part of lead singer to help some of our friends learn some new songs... my head cold is lingering, so I had to be silent for a while after singing to let my voice recover. But at least I didn't croak. :D

Nope, it wasn't perfect. But it was music, and it was joyful, and it was unto the Lord. It was wonderful. I love music! I love the act of singing praises unto God.

I also love fun, bouncy music that you can play while cleaning the house  - to keep your spirits up while you eradicate dust and dirt.

And I love quiet, contemplative, instrumental music to play when I'm in a thoughtful or quiet mood.

I enjoy playing celtic-style music and hymns for energizing background ambience once in a while. (Did you know I have some Irish blood flowing through my veins? I'm mostly Dutch, but the love of an Irish jig did not wholly pass me by!) ;)

Music is so expressive. With it, one can speak out joy, sadness, praise, despair, and any degree of emotion in between... without using a single word.

Today, I am thankful for music!

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What is your favorite kind of music?


  1. Hi Julia! :) Hmm, not sure what happened but the linky for today’s thankfulness post is there on the page –

    Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with your friends dear! :D And I'm glad your voice didn't "croak". ;)

    Love and Hugs!
    Have a blessed evening!

  2. Oh I LOVE music too! I have played piano since I was six (so 15 years lol) and LOVE IT! As well as guitar :) It is definitely a blessing to have music in our lives! :)

  3. Hi Julia!

    I left you two little somethings on my blog today... :-)

    Thank you for being an encouragement to me!




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