Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm Thankful for God's Provision

What does that mean?
It means something has been provided, which means:
There was a provider.

God is my provider, Jehovah Jirah.

There have been tough times this year for my family and I. Seasons when we were't sure where the next payment for the bills would be coming from. The economy has made life difficult for a lot of people recently.

In fact, this morning we ate leftover pancakes.

 *Amused laughter* (Actually, they were really good, and we ate them just because we didn't want to throw them away) But at least we had something to generate leftovers. We have never gone hungry, even in the leanest times.

 Over and over again, God has provided for me and my family. Whenever we found an amazing deal on boxed pasta or fresh fruit (Like the most AMAZING strawberries this spring for $1.50 a pound - we didn't mind picking them ourselves!) or had a surprising amount of produce pour out from our garden, we gave Him the credit for making it happen, and thanked Him.

We have always had bread to eat, and wheat to grind to make the bread.

We always have fresh, pure water to drink. Our mountain well has never gone dry. Many people around the world do not have this blessing of clean drinking water. I do. And I am thankful for it!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Many blessings we overlook that are considered luxuries by others. This morning we had leftover waffles. I like to make extra on Saturday so we have a simple breakfast on Sunday mornings.

  2. Great post Julia! Those pancakes looks great (leftovers or not!) Send me your recipe!

    I love what you said about recognizing that there is a Provider. We sometimes forget that in our self sufficient lives.



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