Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've never been so scared by a trash can in my entire life

I should have been folding laundry, but I took a break in between two baskets to check my email. I was staring glumly at the "0 Unread Emails" statement when I heard a slight rustling sound, almost like a small insect moving about. I looked under my desk, from where the sound seemed to be proceeding from, but could see nothing out of the ordinary.

I clicked on my blog and amused myself by snooping on the Live Traffic Feed on the sidebar, seeing who was visiting (and not bothering to comment! Shame on ya'll!) and who had come from where (As an aside, will the person from Mankato, Minnesota who visits me every day introduce themselves? I would love to meet you!) ;)

I heard more rustling. And as ducked down from my position in the computer chair and looked underneath my desk, something MOVED in the little wastebasket and looked like it was crawling out of the can! As my heart ceased beating in my chest, the laptop cord fell out of the trashcan with a loud THUMP on the floor, startling me nearly out of my senses! I gasped in fright and shrieked at the same time. (If such an action is possible).

Yeah. I literally took a picture so you could see what I was talking about. ;)
(The laptop cord is connected to the laptop on top of the desk, and plugs into the wall. It happened to be resting on top of a plastic grocery bag that was smushed inside the trashcan)

I can hardly describe the totally crazy adrenaline rush and overpowering fright that washed over me even as I realized in that exact instant that there was nothing to be afraid of. (!!!!) What made everything worse was the fact that my brother Mark was reading his History in the soft armchair across the room and he instantly looked up to see what was the matter and witnessed the whole thing. I gasped "Oh my goodness!" and all at once I saw the humor in the situation and I started laughing so hard tears came to my eyes!

{In my own defense, we get lots of scorpions and other critters in our log home in the woods, so it's not uncommon to see unusual bugs in unusual places now and then, so my high alert was completely understandable.}

I was so freaked out by the cord falling out of the trashcan that when I started to stand up my legs buckled underneath me and I sat down on the floor. Lol! I couldn't believe how scared I was. I think most of it had to do that I was leaning down in an awkward, undefensible position and the can was only a few inches from my nose when it happened.

I'm not sure why I decided to share this story with you - it was certainly hilarious but you sort of 'had to have been there', if you know what I mean. ;)

Anyway, I hope it tickled your funnybone in some way (laughter doeth good like a medicine!).

The SOS outfit for day 5 will be posted sometime this evening, so come on back for that! :)


  1. The person from Mankato, MN that visits every day? ...That would be me.
    Me and my sister, Jessica, but she doesn't ever comment, so don't expect to hear from her anytime soon. ;-)
    And I DO comment. *insert pouty face* =D
    (I know, I shouldn't spend so much time on the computer, but in my defense, we have an Apple computer which sits right in the dining room, so it's very accessible and it beckons to me sometimes...!)

  2. What a funny story, Julia! I'm glad you included the picture, so I could visualize it easier. ;) Too funny! I probably would've reacted the same way. :D Thanks for sharing!


  3. Well, besides the fact that it sounds like you're bored because of the obvious reason of your looking at your email *AND* blog again today as well as writing a silly (though very entertaining) post....I'm glad it was nothing really bad. ;) HeHe!

    I get scared of silly things like that too! It's really funny (for everyone else) when I do them too! ;) You're a brave girl for sharing! Think I'd feel perhaps just a bit *too* silly to share.

    From the picture and the first few words in the post I was thinking maybe it was a fire started in the trash can for some reason like some electrical thing fell in (hairdryer or curling iron or something?) and started a small fire! :O

    Glad it was only your cord! ;) Hehe! And especially glad it wasn't a "creature"! Yike! I'm very happy to say we've only experienced ants and small insects here. :) Though we did find a baby raccoon that was in our garbage can last week - he died because we couldn't call anyone to come get it right away (closed) and we had only just then heard it crying out a little while before it died. :( It was awful. I felt so bad for it!!

    Well, I am glad you're okay and nothing was wrong, and I hope you've had a good day despite your seeming boredom. :)

    Love and Hugs!
    *Email coming soon!

  4. :D That's funny! I've been scared by inanimate objects like that too. Or maybe they're not so inanimate...

    Loved the title!

    ps. I'm having a Bible challenge over at my blog. Come join!

  5. What a scare that must have been! I am scared by the smallest things sometimes. Thanks for the laugh :D


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