Saturday, August 6, 2011

Seven (days) Of Skirts, Day 7!

And so, the Seven (days) Of Skirts project is completed, for me anyway, because today is my Day 7! (Yay, I did it!) :D This was a lot of fun and I'm so glad it encouraged you all to see my modest outfits. It encouraged me as well! :) 

Day 7:
Skirt: Ross! (brand: JKLA California) I only bought this a little while ago so if you hurry to a Ross near you, you might be able to find one! :D
Peach Blouse: Thrifted - the brand name is the one at Target I can't read... Mossimo, I think?
Sleeveless white shirt: Land's End
Shoes: Reef flip-flops
Hair: Butterfly Barrette (Wal-Mart)

 Today's outfit was photographed in the garden.
Aren't the pole beans a magnificent sight? It reminds me of Jack's Beanstalk! (And I think this is my favorite blouse. The peachy coral shade enhances my complexion like nothing else I own!) :D
 I. Love. This. Skirt.
I wish you could see it move, it has THE most delightful swishy twirl at the bottom... the overlayer is very light and chiffon-like and moves like a breath of wind, while the dark brown lining keeps everything undercover that should be! ;)  Plus I love the wild print. :D
And these are the flip-flops I've been slipping into all week long. I love how comfortable this pair is and how I can dress them up or down. My advice for flip-flops, by the way, is to buy a name-brand pair on sale. It will be less expensive than constantly replacing cheap ones in the long run. (I found this pair of Reef flip-flops 50% off so they were only $15 instead of $30.)
Closer view of the jewelry... This silver-and-clear jewelry set I made goes with simply everything I own! (Trivia: This necklace is in the book I wrote about how to make your own beaded necklaces... It's titled as the Basic necklace)

And here is a closer look at the bracelet I'm wearing. I'm charmed by these cute little crystal 'charms' dangling off the silver links...

My hair today was simply pulled back half-way with a silver barrette that's shaped like a butterfly.

Close-up of the earrings. This style helps to visually elongate your face, by the way. :)

On my way back down the hill to the house, I stopped to take a few pictures, myself.
 We got just a little sprinkle of rain today (Although the earsplitting thunder and lightning seemed to promise a lot more than that!) We also had a power outage for about an hour. Anywho, that's why the pebbles are wet in the above photo ^ and look so nice and glimmery. ;)

And then on the gravel drive right in front of the carport I spotted this leaf! It looked like an early little hint of Autumn to me!! :D

But then it hit me that it was a tulip poplar leaf and they always shed theirs waaay early anyway, especially if it's been hot and dry (which is has). Bummer. Still, it made a pretty picture once it was edited a little! :D

I hope you've enjoyed the SOS project!
Have a lovely evening. :)


  1. Cute skirt! And I absolutely -love- the bracelet! It's sooo elegant. I may have to come and steal it from you. ;)
    Anyways, thank you so much for doing this whole week of skirts! I loved looking at your outfit every day. :)

  2. I love the skirt; swishy skirts are so much fun to twirl in. And the bracelet is beautiful.

  3. What a lovely outfit, Julia!! Yes... I love that bracelet too. Sooo pretty. :)

    I've definitely enjoyed your SOS challenge! All of your outfits were so cute! I may have to join when you do it in the fall. We'll see... :)


  4. Hi! I am so enjoying reading your blog. Your outfit, jewelry and hair are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing with everyone.


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