Monday, August 8, 2011

Rapunzel's Resource

Calling all fellow hair enthusiasts!

Do you have long hair? (I certainly do!) Do you have trouble doing things with it? I mean, there's only so much you can do with long, straight, boring hair, right? Should you cut it off and donate it to a worthy wig-making cause to relieve the boredom? No.... (Although I have nothing against Locks of Love, etc.) However, I think what I'm about to share will fill you with a desire to grow your hair out as long as possible.

In-tro-ducing......... *drumroll please* .......

Rapunzel's Resource! (

This Blog is absolutely brimming with hairstyles and tutorials for beautiful things to do with your long hair. I was blown away when I found it - I've been needing this for practically my whole life.

The Style Index shows the incredibly vast array of styles for which the very talented Elizabeth offers tutorials and videos.

This is the "Double Bun", folded twist variation. So beautiful! I hope she'll forgive me for borrowing this picture to illustrate the post...

Here are links to my favorite styles: (the ones I want to 'work up' to!) ;)

Authentic 18th Century Style - Oh wow! This is an amazing work of art! Elizabeth wore this when acting the part of Patsy Washington, one of George Washington's daughters.

Curly Formal Updo - Now, where could I wear this? Somebody invite me to a ball, please! :D

Curl Recycle - (at the bottom of the page) I'd need to learn how to do pin curls first to try this, but I'd love to get my hair in ringlets like this style!

Elizabeth even has some clever styles that make it appear you have shorter hair, without cutting off an inch, for very cute effects! I want to try:

Faux Short 1940's Swing Style and the Faux Short Ponytail - love these!

And to enhance the texture, there are tutorials and a video on setting your hair into the most gorgeous curls and waves, with bandanas! (I actually did try this - last night -  but I think my hair was too dry, the curls didn't set that well... I think I'm going to use gel next time, as Elizabeth says you can try).

Here are things I've tried so far:

French Twist for long hair - I tried this because it was the most recent post on the blog (and it had a video to go with it!) and I've always longed to be able to do this ultra-chic, elegant, sophisticated  hairstyle.... but would never dream of sacrificing my long blonde tresses. I almost got it, but I think I need more practice before I've mastered this style. The idea is fabulous!!

Shell Bun - This was an easy technique and is used in some of the more complicated styles, but I'm excited to learn how to do it, nonetheless! :D

Rope Braid - Oh my goodness, it works! This lovely braid looks like a long strand of rope twists and I can hardly belive I did this... I was sure the whole twisty thing would fly apart as soon as I put a hairband on the end, but it stayed. :O! It was lovely!
{I was going to put a picture of some of my attempts here, but I haven't taken any.} :( My camera is coming back this Friday from repairs though! I confess, I can hardly wait. :) In the meantime, please excuse my lack of photos. ;)

A HUGE, enormous thank-you to my friend Allison for sharing this site with me!

So go visit Rapunzel's Resource, and then come back and tell me which style is your favorite! :)


  1. Sound like fun!! My hair is almost touching the bottom of my shoulder blades; it's curly-ish, so when straightened, it's probably longer. I will have to check this out!

  2. The rope braid is adorable, as well as the french braid! (I love braids.) :)

    Oh, and in response to your question. I wear a size 12 in shoes, which is why it's so hard for me to find ones that fit! I can sometimes fit into an 11, depending on the brand and style, but most of the time, they're too small.

    have a great day, Julia!

  3. Katelyn,
    You should really check out the site, there are lots of styles on the blog that would work for any length of hair!

    I love the braids too! I can't braid very well but I love the way my hair looks braided... so I think I'll be practicing! :)

    Oh, so that's why you have trouble finding shoes. :P My younger brother wears a size 14 EE (like quadruple wide) so I understand the difficulty involved with finding shoes that fit!

    Thanks! You have a lovely day too! :)


  4. Wow Julia!!! :D That is exciting (I'll have to share this on my next Friday Link-Up for *certain*!!). I love all her hairstyles she has, they are beautiful! Just amazing! Yes, now she almost has me wishing my hair was longer too! ;) HeHe! I hope you can find a lot of lovely hairstyles that will work for you dear! :D

    Have a blessed day sweetheart!
    Love and Hugs!

  5. What a neat website. (Hello by the way, I stumbled upon your blog about a week ago and have really enjoyed it.)

    My hair is almost down to my elbows. About a year ago it was as long as yours, but I did have it cut off for locks of love. I only wanted 10 inches off the end, but the lady who cut it took a few inches short of double that. So anyways, my hair is finally getting back to a length I prefer it at.

    I usually wear it in a ponytail, with the occasional braid or french braid or bun, but I'd really enjoy learning to do other things with it. I'm just not good at dong things to my own hair.

    So yes, thank you for sharing that site, I will enjoy persuing it further!


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