Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seven (days) Of Skirts, Day 5

I am very happy that everyone seems to be enjoying the SOS project! I have loved doing it and am definitely planning on hosting another one this Autumn so that more of my friends can join along! :)

Today was quiet and peaceful (not boring in the least) and I got caught up on the laundry and made lunch for myself and my brothers, as my parents went up to a business appointment together and spent some time at the library and ate a packed lunch. Us kids stayed home by ourselves and "held down the fort"! :) We were all together again for dinner for a delicious meal of barbequed roast beef with curly zesty fries! Nummy. :)

Day 5:

Skirt: Thrifted! No idea where it originally came from.
Shirt: Yard Sale, years ago.
Shoes: Faded Glory (Wal-Mart)
Hair: Headband

Meet Jane, everybody! She's my favorite little hen, and named both after my favorite authoress Jane Austen and for the sweet-tempered Jane Bennet. For this little chicken is the sweetest of all, and golden, to boot! We liked her so much that next time we ordered chickens we got Buff Orphingtons just like her. Now we have about 26 of them (counting Jane). :)

And here's a picture of just the outfit so you won't be distracted by the cute little chicken. Never work with children or animals, they steal all the limelight. *wink* ;)
This is my favorite denim skirt, by the way! You can't really see in the picture but it has the most beauuuutiful flare at the bottom. Oh! I love it. :D

Jane is such a patient little dear.
 (This isn't the most flattering picture ever of me, but it was such a cute one of Jane that it had to go in the blog post!) I'm reading an EXCELLENT book, by the way! Mama found it today at the library. (not our local library, a different, more modern branch).

It's called "Before the Season Ends" (by Linore Rose Burkard) and it's set in Regency England and it's Inspirational Christian Romance! *swoon* ;)
I'm not even half through the book and I'm already singing it's praises - very rare for me!

(I do not recommend reading lots of romance books. But the occasional one is like the occasional candy bar for me. Especially if it's sweet and not too strong in the romance department... there has to be more to the story than just the romance, for me.)

So. Me. I didn't even wear a pair of the earrings I made today, just my plain ol' cubic zirconia earstuds that I always wear.
Can you see my (fading, because of much application of lotion) sunburn? How about the dark circles under my eyes from our tiring day yesterday?  :D I don't have a perfect face... but I'm happy with it! :D I like the way the Lord made me and I am (at last) perfectly happy with the skin I'm in! :)

And now, I must beg leave to return to my book.

Have a lovely evening and tune in tomorrow (Friday) For day 6 of the SOS project!


  1. Beautiful outfit, Julia! I am going to have to try to find that book at my library, as I am always on the hunt for a good book.

    And out of curiousity when are you going to be posting a tour of your beautiful new room? You have told us that it matches your lovely new blog design (I'm a big fan of the black and blue color combination too by the way ;-) and I'm very eager to see it.


  2. Hi Maggie!

    Thank you! (It's an AWESOME book, I reccomend it!) I think. I'll let you know when I reach the ending, but I'm pretty sure about it! :)

    I did do a post about my bedroom makeover... which matches my blog in theme only, unfortunatetly. I chose pink and brown for the colors but the damask and chic look is very similar to my blog. :)

    Here is the URL for the post:

    Or you can click "Older Posts" on the main blog. :)


  3. You look darling in your down home look! And Jane is posing so nicely for the camera! Yes, the red is fading and you will soon have a nice tan from it. This is so fun, I'm so glad you thought of it.
    Love you,

  4. Fun post Julia. I agree, there is nothing like your favorite denim skirt! I love your pictures with Jane. "See you" tomorrow!

  5. LOVE your outfit, Julia! That skirt is *really* cute! :) Oh, and so is Jane... ;)


  6. Mama,
    Thank you! And Jane did pose nicely, although I could tell she was a little unsettled in spirits. :D That is always a consolation - sunburns don't last forever! (thank goodness...) I'm glad I thought of this project, too! :)

    Thanks, Mckenzie! :D I'm looking forward to 'seeing' you today as well! :D

    Thank you, Lindsay! I know, she's such a sweetie-pie... I'm glad you stopped by! :D

    Hugs and Blessings,

  7. Boy, you have a lot of cute shoes! Haven't seen you wear the same pair twice this week! :)

    Cole Family

  8. Cole Family,
    *gulp* 5 pairs so far is a lot? I guess I shouldn't tell you how many shoes I actually have then! :P :D Heehee!

    Glad you left a comment! :D


  9. Julia, I love the skirt; twirly skirts are so much fun!!

    Jane Austen- ahhh, how I enjoy her books; if it was possible, I'd sit and read the books/watch the movies all day. but, it's not practical. :(

  10. Hi Julia!

    I love seeing your heart for femininity and modesty revealed through your SOS project! I think skirts make girls look so feminine and girly.:)

    I hope to see you soon! We just came back from vacation and i should be rested up but vacation means late nights, right?:) I'm having to force my eyes to stay open and my mind is in even worst shape so I think I will got to bed early and get some much needed rest tonight.:)

    Have a lovely evening!
    Kelly Kauffman


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