Thursday, September 3, 2009

Post-a-Day #3

Let's see... what have I been up to recently? Well...

I did a mini 'makeover' for my built-in corner cabinet in my room! I sorted my knick-knacks and china by color, and added some bright backdrops using some 'oh-so-glamorous' scotch tape and paper, (lol! Hey, it looks good to me) and adding some ribbon for trim.
All the shelves used to have a dark wooden back like the topmost shelf still does - I left the wood uncovered up there because the brown highlights my great-great-grandmother's ivory-colored china.

I think the blue and pink shelves are my absolute favorites.

I don't have an obsession with stuffed bunny rabbits, those three just happened to color-coordinate with my shelves, so in they went!
I also totally deep-cleaned my walk-in closet (wow, was that a lot of work!) and I meticulously sorted out my clothes hangers and got a few new ones... and hung all the colors next to each other, and the result is that they make the whole closet more fun! :)
Have you done any 'makeovers' recently?


  1. Wow! I love the shelves and your closet! I actually recently organized and arranged my desk. It takes a little work, but once your done, it's so great to see the finished product!!


  2. I think that I might just comment on each of these posts but then I wouldn't want to appear like I am stalking you (lol :-p) but since I am your not-so-secret SSA (nssSSA)I feel it is my duty to comment on your posts and since you are doing one a day might be hearing from me quite a bit! lolz :-p
    I LOVE your cabinet! Now I want one but...I don't think it would fit into my room :) Which after reading this post I now feel compelled to go :)
    WOw, that was incredibly random!
    Blessings and Hugs!
    Katy (your nssSSA)

  3. Oh, pretty. So many teacups!! I really like built-in corner cabinets.

    I haven't done a make-over recently, but - I might be re-doing my studio! I'll definitely post pics.


  4. Wow!Those shelves are so pretty.Thanks for sharing.

    Oh ya,I love the closet too!

  5. It all looks SUPER cute! I can't Wait to see it in person!!!!
    I have my closet CLOTHES (not hangers) color cordinated too!
    my 2 sisters, and I, a little while ago, switched around the beds in our room, so they are right across from each other. I like it if I say so myself! I'll have to put pictures of it on my blog soon.... :)
    See ya Sunday!

  6. Wow! Everything looks great! And I am sooo jealous of that walk-in closet of yours! ;) Lol! I bet organizing all of that took hours!

    Nope, no makeovers...*cough* but I SERIOUSLY need to clean and organize my craft stuff AGAIN. *sigh* I have yarn and sewing stuff all over the basement. And the closet where I keep my yarn is very much in need of some help..which is why I can't find anything. Lol! I keep putting it off..I really need to buy some small tubs for in there and maybe a large on for my room. That would help. ;)

    Love and Hugs!

  7. Hi ~

    Thanks! I agree, it is very worthwhile, when you see the finished product! :)

    Hello! lol! I love hearing from you, I don't feel 'stalked' in the least! :D I'm still thrilled that you're my (nss)SSA! :o)

    Thank you! I like built-in-corner cabinets too. :) Do post pics of your studio - I'd love to see them!

    Thanks! :D And you're welcome. :)

    Hey Allison!
    We definitely have to have ya'll over again, that would be fun! I would like to show you what I've done, in person. :)

    Hello Rachel dear,
    It sure did! Days, in fact. :D I was also organizing the craft stuff that was stashed *IN* the closet! :) I didn't post pictures, but I have two huge hanging compartments behind the door stuffed with yarn. Mama took a look at them and said "You really do not need any more yarn." :D I, sadly, have to agree. :) Thanks for commenting! :)


  8. Let's see, I recently redid my school room and reorganized it this summer and while i was getting ready for school. We even got to repaint the walls and change the rug. I love how organized everything is after you finish! Too bad it doesn't always stay that way, lol.


  9. Miss Julia~

    The shelves look simply lovely and delightful! I love how you added the very bright and cheery! I see the tea cups from the Father Daughter Retreat on the pink shelf...what a blessing and encouragement that time was! Your closet looks lovely, too!

    Have a nice day, delighting in the Lord!

  10. That is so pretty. I love that it is color sorted.


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