Monday, September 28, 2009

Post-a-Day #28- Crocheted Doughnuts & Rock Ranch pics

Sorry for the lateness of today's post!
Today I helped my mom give her blog a 'quilty' ♥makeover♥!! I love it! Do go see it and tell her if you like it... Click Here.

A Preview
As for my Riddle... Wow, you are all just too smart! :) My hints were way too easy for you. :)
Yes, I was crocheting doughnuts. I made a strawberry one a while ago and then made a few more...
(Sorry for the blurry focus)

Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles

This one's not quite done yet - Grape with "jellybeans" on top:
I also have (left to right) First row: "Ultra Strawberry", "Double Chocolate", "Unfinished - I'm thinking of perhaps peachy-colored frosting-" and the grape and rainbow sprinkles ones.

We had lots of fun at the Rock Ranch! We heard later from a friend that it rained buckets after we left - good thing we got out of there when we did. :)

Daddy & Boys in the corn maze
The Rock Ranch is home to many different kinds of farm animals... I loved these miniature ponies! (They hardly come up to my knees in height!)
The goats were *very* friendly...
The very fortunate goats had a totally awesome treehouse and high bridges that, if clambered across, led to another pasture!
I spotted some sheep, too.

And we very much enjoyed the paddleboats! Daddy and I chased Mark and Steven around the lake, bumping into them when we could catch them. The boys loved it, pretending to be in the midst of a heroic "Naval battle". :)

See video for details. :)

They told us to move to one side of the lake so we'd be out of the way of the ... PUMPKIN CANNON??

That thing shot pumpkins WAY across the lake and they exploded upon landing in the pasture at the other side. Wow! It was so cool. Unfortunately I don't have footage of it firing or a photo of the pumpkins flying through the air above our heads. :O

We bought some water bottles at the "Possum Trot Cafe" ... which boasted, on their fake menu (not the real one, thank goodness!) "Raccoon Fingers, Hog jowls w' grease, Squirrel Gravy, Fried Muskrat, Possum Stew, Highway 36 Potluck" and ..."Road Rage Ribs".

Can anyone say "Eeeeeew!" ?

Hope you enjoyed today's post!


  1. AWWW I love the miniture ponies!! SO adorable! The pumpkin launcher thing sounds amazing! Looks like it was a wonderful day :)
    Praying for you!
    You NSSSSA :)

  2. Love the doughnuts of course!

    ULTRAH STRAWBERRY! Brilliant! My fave is the white with the sprinkles. (Vanilla?)

    Mmm. They're really pretty!!

    The pumpkin launcher looked really cool!!

    All in all looks like you all had an awesome time!

    Glad for it!



  3. The picture of that goat is so funny!I love the pictures :) Which brother is which?Just wondering because I saw Stevens blog

  4. Hi Julia,
    I love your mom's new blog look!! It's really cute, and perfect for the fall.

    I also love your crocheted doughnuts! My favorite would have to be the vanilla one. I really like all of the colorful sprinkles on it! :D

    Oh, and I also enjoyed your Rock Ranch pictures and the video! The animals are all SO cute, and that pumpkin cannon thing looks neat. :)

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your post today!

    ~ Love in Christ,

  5. Those crocheted donuts are delightful! You should put some in your etsy shop!

    And the quilt design on your mother's blog is lovely!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  6. The dounuts are so pretty!

    Also, I LOVE the goat picture!

  7. Hi Everyone,

    So glad you all enjoyed the post! :D

    I also thought that was a very funny goat picture... :)

    Steven is my younger (13-year-old) brother, with brown hair, and Mark is the older (15-year-old) one with blonde hair. (Steven was wearing a yellow shirt that day, and Mark was wearing a green one- if that helps) :)

    I'm planning on putting the doughnuts in my Etsy shop after I show them for sale in our booth at the October Fall Fest in our small town. So ... check my Etsy shop after October 10th! :)

    Thank you all so much for commenting! :)


  8. Julia,
    All the different "flavors" of the donuts are so lovely when they're grouped together like that. Love those things!

    The pumpkin cannon sounds like a really cool thing, and all the animals at the ranch are so cute.

    ~ Tarissa


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