Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post-a-Day #9

Today I have a random fact to share with you.
The date today is 09/09/09! September 9th, 2009.

This will not happen again for 1000 years - until September 9, 3009.

So... enjoy it while it is here! :)

I meant to reply a little earlier to a question I was asked "What did you do for Labor Day? You didn't say!" oops! :D

My family and I stayed home for Labor day and had a nice time resting... we've had a kind of busy time recently, and my brothers are sick with what we now call the "Terrible Two-Month Cough" and aren't really up to doing much.


  1. Very nice tid-bit of knowledge! Have good day.=)

  2. You said your brothers have a cough?Almost all of us have ahd a cough for the past few days!That's a lot of coughing,because there are 7 kids,and even the baby has it bad.Hope you guys get better soon!


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